JPEG Repair PRO for Windows

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Recover Corrupted JPEG Images with Ease

JPEG Repair PRO is a software tool that helps you recover damaged JPEG photos and restores them to their original state.

Sticks to the Basics

JPEG Repair PRO does exactly what it claims. Files stored digitally (memory cards or computer memory) could get easily corrupted through overwriting, various malware attacks or hardware crashes. These files usually can’t be opened for future viewing or editing. With this repair tool, you have hope! The program repairs corrupted JPEG images by accessing the initial file’s system information and leftover fragments. It creates the original image’s BMP copy in the target location mentioned in the settings. Nothing else is needed to get roling. Once the files have been restored, you may open them or put them through intensive edit work like before.

Simple Interface

Quite often, data recovery tools come with a complicated interface riddled with multiple settings. JPEG Repair PRO takes a simpler approach. It was originally made for regular users who have zero programing skills or don’t have any digital file recovery knowledge. This explains why the tool’s interface is largely clear and straightforward. The corrupted JPEG files can be recovered individually or in batches and then stored in a specific target folder. The program is a paid tool but there is also a trial version to it. The trial variant is not watered-down and comprises all the features that you would get when you buy the tool. This means you can test all the features extensively and be sure before purchase.

JPEG Repair PRO recovers JPEG images and photos to make them viewable and editable after being corrupted.

Files stored in computer memory or portable memory cards can be easily corrupted by overwriting, different hardware crashes or malware attacks. Such files cannot be opened, viewed or edited. JPEG Repair PRO helps to restore JPG files with important photos or design assets after being damaged. The program is able to repair corrupted JPEG from the remaining fragments and system information about the initial file. The restored files can be further opened or edited without any limitations.

JPEG Repair PRO is a real saver of valuable family photos or corporate image files. The program doesn’t modify source files. It generates a BMP copy of each original image in the target folder specified in settings. No other parameters need to be set up.

Data recovery utilities often feature extremely complicated interface with tons of settings. JPEG Repair PRO was originally created for common users, without any programming skills or knowledge in data recovery adjustments. That is why its interface is maximally straightforward and clear. It helps to repair damaged JPEG files in batch and store them in specific folder, making this problem manageable for everyone. The trial version features full pack of features for comprehensive test run.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Ideal for digital noobs


  • Not free
  • Doesn’t guarantee to recover all damaged files

Older versions

JPEG Repair PRO for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 3.2
  • 2.2
  • (130)
  • Security Status

User reviews about JPEG Repair PRO

  • Namrata Sengupta

    by Namrata Sengupta

    The program doesn't work. It has many glitches. It is difficult to use.

  • Aidan Matthew

    by Aidan Matthew

    As a person who studies photography professionally, this JPEG Repair PRO is a must-have in our PC or laptop system because this piece of software coul More

  • Lisa Schmidt

    by Lisa Schmidt

    Didn't work.
    Repaired jpg by converting to bmp file. Did not repair the problem with the file.

  • Enaam Ataallah

    by Enaam Ataallah

    it was bad experience.
    good idea to work on . but this program didn't work right with me . i tried to fix a damaged photo and it didn't work


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